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Founders Dirty Bastard

FoundersDirtyBastardTaking a momentary break from the whisky I have been downing, I turned to a close relative: scotch style ale. A malt monster with a nice warming 8.5% ABV.

Appearance: deep red amber, light carbonation, no head retention and no lacing (I suspect the glass…)
Nose: damp brown sugar oatmeal
Palate: sweet malt up front, caramel, toastiness and syrupy, hop balanced toward the back of your tongue, with alcohol notes through the back, medium light mouth feel
Finish: bitter finish with long lasting esters, complexity as it wears off.

I like this kilt warmer of a beer. It’s a great all around beer and I would love to have this with some spiced desert, maybe some apple pie, or a spice cake. It really is a super heavy malt beer, with a ton of sweetness. I wouldn’t mind a bit more hops to balance out the malt sweetness, but only maybe 5% more, nothing big. This is a really enjoyable beer and at 8.5% ABV is still dangerously drinkable.


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