Jim Beam Jacob’s Ghost, not so scary!

So here is my first step on my way to bourbon education. JimBeamJacobsGhostJim Beam Jacob’s Ghost.

Color: very light in color, but with a hue of yellow
Nose: strong nose, greenness, banana
Palate: bread, round, smooth, green-ness
Finish: mineral finish with legs on the sides of my tongue

I was scared of this at first. I thought to myself, well here you have a bottle of raw
bourbon that will be straight alcohol, no positive flavors, and as raw as it gets.
I was way off. It’s a surprising smooth and drinkable bourbon for how young it is.
The lable says that it is aged for at least one year in oak barrels, and that one
year must make a huge difference in the mellowing. I was really surprised at the
banana I was getting, it was a pleasant surprise for sure. This was the first in a
series of education for me where I start with a step above white dog and move to the
agiest bottle I can afford/find. I won’t score this as I don’t have the repetoir yet,
but if you have considered picking up a bottle, I recommend it! ($20 in store at Binny’s).


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