Back in the saddle, er… bottle, I guess

So after the 6 month stint in Chile experiencing the offerings there, I can safely say that I am glad to be back State-side.  Don’t take that to say that Chilean beer is bad, it’s just rather uninspired. Chile has a large German population and influence in the South based on a deal between Chile and Germany in 1844. This deal led to Germans emigrating and bringing with them, what else, but beer and beer knowledge. This has had the lasting effect of creating a great beer culture coming from Valdivia.

That being said, we all know about German beers and the Purity Law. For me personally, I love to drink German beers, but they are style bound and predictable. When I want a punch in the mouth of flavor I look elsewhere. This predictability continues on in Chilean beers. So finding myself back in Chicago after 6 months, I am relishing the variety and flavors I can find.

Up next will be my first sips of Ironhorse Chicago Common by Argus. For anyone that has read this blog previously, I did a six-pack post along with This Is Why I’m Drunk. Argus just missed the cut due to availability issues as I was gearing up to head to Chile, so as my welcome back I’m picking up where I left off.

It’s good to be back Chicago!


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