Leopold Bros: Pre-Prohibition Never Tasted So Good!

Leopold Bros Pre-Prohibition Style American Whiskey

Leopold Bros Pre-Prohibition Style American Whiskey

Not long ago, I found myself confronted with a bit of an existential issue… do I like all whiskey’s, or just Scotch whiskey? Ok, so maybe not your run of the mill existential issue, but nonetheless, I felt it challenged what I thought of myself as a drinker. Here I was after about 10 years of thinking I only liked Scotch, but here in my hand, rising to my nose were the notes of caramel, vanilla and oak. A soft inviting scent, I salivated with the thought sipping. Yet, what ho!? This was a glass of American Pre-prohibition Style whiskey! Could it be, could I actually be enjoying a glass of American Whiskey? Turns out, yes, yes I could!

Leopold Bros stands up to my palate while at the same time requiring more attention. By no means do I have a developed palate, but I’m working on it. This spirit continues to surprise me, the depth and complexity are wonderous. Each glass I have I grab something new from the experience.

As noted above, there are soft notes in the nose, oak, caramel, vanilla, and they persist to the palate as well. Quickly following is the spice of the alcohol. It is very alcohol forward, but if one sniffs at it, you get past the alcohol, and start peeling back the layers. This is a continuing love affair and as I taste more this will most certainly be updated with more thoughts and revelations.

For now however, suffice to say that I am going to continue on my quest of figuring out if I do in fact appreciate American whiskey as well as Scotch.


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